Dental Treatment Turkey Antalya

Dental treatment Turkey Antalya: The attractive dental treatment in Turkey for a new chapter in life!

Radiant white teeth and a healthy set of teeth can be obtained through inexpensive and professionally performed dental treatment in Turkey.

Comprehensive dentistry in Turkey

Dental treatment Turkey / Antalya: You should not leave the health and beauty of your teeth to chance, because the quality of your teeth determines your standard of living. With good teeth you feel good and full of self-confidence.

If, despite care and a healthy diet, your teeth do not look attractive or are in poor condition, you should consult a competent dentist. In Turkey, you will be treated by trained professionals based on trust.

The dentists offer various treatment methods at attractive conditions. The use of zirconium crowns in Turkey is one of the most frequently used modern tooth restoration measures. These resilient crowns look natural.

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, you can have high-quality dental veneers installed in Turkey. The selected veneers subtly beautify your teeth and make them appear whiter.

Dental Treatment Turkey

Individual dental treatment Turkey / Antalya

A good dentist does not treat you in just any way, but adapts the type of treatment to the condition of your teeth and your wishes. The individual treatment shows maximum success.

Discuss the condition of your teeth with the dentist in Turkey and explain your desire for aesthetic tooth restoration. The doctor will schedule the treatment of your teeth together with you.

Of course you are entitled to individual advice. The dentist in Turkey explains the aspects that apply to your rehabilitation method in a friendly manner and with expertise, so that you gain confidence in the method used.

For the selected treatment of your teeth, the dentist chooses special medical instruments that enable and simplify the procedure. Advanced technology is part of the standard equipment of modern dental practices in Turkey.

Dental Treatment Antalya

Dental veneers provide you a bright smile.

A congenital misaligned tooth or stains on the teeth reduce the self-confidence of those affected. Your teeth will look the way you want and imagine with dental veneers in Turkey.

Veneers are thin covers made of tooth-colored ceramic. Your dentist adjusts the color to the natural shade of your teeth so that the shells are not conspicuous and blend in unobtrusively with the overall picture.

Your dentist sticks the veneers onto your teeth to either improve the color of your teeth or to even out any imperfections. Teeth that have broken off appear to be original again with veneers.

Dental offices in Turkey offer composite and ceramic veneers, each with their own functions. Before the shells are glued on, your dentist gently prepares the teeth in order to carry out the treatment with maximum success.

Dental implants for a full set of teeth

Dentists choose dental implants in Turkey as an efficient alternative to dentures. The long-lasting, inconspicuous implants provide a comfortable fit when speaking and eating. You can finally follow your everyday life undisturbed.

If you are missing teeth due to illness or accident, dental implants reliably complete your teeth. Your dentist implants the fixed dentures as a replacement for your tooth root under local anesthesia or with sedation.

Doctors differentiate between two treatment methods with dental implants: the closed, two-stage procedure and the one-stage procedure. In the one-step procedure, the implant closure remains visible. The intervention is followed by superficial and deep healing.

After the dental implants in Turkey have completely healed, your dentist will build an individual superstructure, i.e. a bridge, crown or prosthesis. The dentist professionally builds the construction into your jaw.

Dental Treatment Antalya
Dental Treatment Antalya

Dental crowns protect weak teeth

Teeth in poor condition require professional modelling, for example with dental crowns in Turkey. In this procedure, the doctor repairs your tooth defect with a protective cover that compensates for the defect.

During the initial period after being fitted, the crown may feel like there is a foreign body in your mouth. You get used to your new teeth quickly, after a few days.

Dental technicians use metal or ceramics for the production of dental crowns, materials that give the product stability. The dental technician recreates the crown so that you can speak and chew with ease.

Dental coronas in Turkey stabilize teeth after a root treatment or protect broken teeth. Your dentist abroad will also correct misaligned teeth with crowns. The crowns optically straighten the teeth.

Zirconium crowns - realistic looking mouthguard

If you are suffering from damaged teeth and the affected teeth lack stability, your dentist will choose Zirconium crowns in Turkey. Doctors abroad appreciate the high-quality material because of its longevity.

The abbreviation “zircon” defines the term “zirconia”. The material consists of zirconium silicate, 100 percent metal-free. Robustness and compatibility with teeth and gums characterize zirconium crowns, which look natural due to translucency.

Once fitted, even an experienced dentist can hardly tell the crowns apart from your real teeth. The material hardly conducts temperatures, so you hardly suffer from pain sensitivity with zirconium crowns.

Your dentist in Turkey prepares your tooth stump and takes a bite impression. Alternatively, the doctor will depict your dental situation with an intraoral scanner in order to refine the color of the zirconium crowns.

Turkey Antalya Dental Treatment
Turkey Dental Treatment

What is the "All on 4 method"?

A dentition that is missing several teeth affects patients when chewing. So that you can enjoy your day again, dentists in Turkey offer the so-called “All-on-4” method with only 4 dental implants.

In this procedure, the dentist uses an innovative bridge that enhances the appearance of your teeth and replaces missing teeth. This can be done in just one day at low cost.

Before the treatment, you will discuss the treatment individually with an implantologist, who will explain the procedure and answer your questions in a goal-oriented manner. The interview is followed by a three-dimensional examination of your jawbone.

With the help of the recording, the dentist creates a template to place the dental implants precisely in the right position. The dentist then inserts the implants, with anesthesia if desired.

Beautiful, healthy teeth for a good standard of living

The function of the teeth far exceeds their usefulness as a chewing tool. Healthy teeth enable pain-free chewing and increase your attractiveness, which is why most people want a white smile.

If you are one of the many people who clear up about problems with their teeth, a dental treatment in Turkey can help. Discolored and broken teeth are professionally repaired by the doctors.

Dentists in Turkey prioritize your physical and mental well-being. The staff knows your concerns and knows from experience how patients suffer from bad teeth. That is why there are different treatment methods.

You can confidently turn to dentists abroad, regardless of whether you want to optically improve your teeth or whether you want to have serious defects repaired. You will receive an appointment promptly.

Antalya Dental Treatment

Orthodontics in Turkey

Sometimes classic dental treatment is not enough to repair a patient’s misaligned teeth. In this case, an orthodontist straightens your teeth benevolently and professionally, using innovative methods.

Hardly anyone naturally has perfectly straight teeth, which is why orthodontists abroad treat patients of different ages and in different ways. The treatment method depends on your situation.

Orthodontists abroad have extensive training and are proficient in differentiated treatment methods for different purposes. The straightening of the teeth is one of the classic and frequently used methods for young and old.

For example, some patients wish to have sports protection for dental professionals. You will find out the right dental treatment specifically for your concerns through general and holistic orthodontics with unique solutions.

Dentistry in Turkey - low prices

In UK, USA or Australia you pay a lot of money for healthy teeth and a white smile, because the support from the health insurance company is uncertain. Dental treatment in Turkey costs little money.

People often shy away from important dental treatment because of the high costs and are forced to do without important dental implants, for example. In Turkey you are entitled to cheap treatments by professionals.

Patients on a low budget can get first-class dental treatment in Turkey without sacrificing quality. The staff takes care of you in a committed, friendly and competent manner, before, during and after the treatment.

Dental practices and clinics abroad do not set any preset costs, but base prices on your individual dental situation. Experienced dentists in Turkey take care of your teeth first-class and for little money.

Dentistry in Turkey

Procedure of dental treatment Turkey / Antalya

Every successful treatment is based on good preparation, above all: an informational interview. During this preliminary talk, the dentist explains the process of your special dental treatment to you and answers your questions patiently and courteously.

If necessary, the dentist will start the treatment with an anesthetic so that you do not feel any pain during the treatment. The sensitive staff also recommends anesthesia to anxious patients to simplify the procedure.

The time required for a treatment varies depending on the method and can last up to several hours. Regardless of the duration of a procedure, you can leave the dental office on the same day.

The dentist will explain the duration of your session to you in the preliminary talk so that you can estimate the length of your stay in the practice. You can then go home confident with new teeth.

Dental Treatment Turkey Antalya- FAQ

Your teeth are visible to everyone when you talk and smile. White, healthy teeth define your health and attractiveness.

Food brings millions of microorganisms into your mouth. These germs damage your teeth, gums, and, on rare occasions, your entire body and organs.

You can have your dental health and beauty restored with dental crowns or dental veneers in Turkey, among others, by experienced doctors.

Absolutely. The dentists in Turkey understand their trade and the concerns of concerned and demanding patients. You will receive individual offers.

In Turkey you get first-class dental treatment from experienced staff. The high-quality service brings you personal and price advantages.

Do you have anymore questions?